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Nurses needed to work, to give flu shots at local Omaha businesses - September, October, and November

$15.00 per hour.  Early morning, mid-day, and evening clinics available.


Organizational and Orientation Meeting –

August 25, 2014


12759 Q Street, Omaha 68137

Please provide the following:

1. Resume or application

2. Copy of current driver’s and nurse’s license



Chairiot Gets Approved For Zero Emissions

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CARB Certifies Chairiot solo as Zero Emission Vehicle – California Sales to Begin Soon

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has issued an Executive Order determining that the Chairiot solo has met its requirements as a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) and (pursuant to licensing by DMV) may be offered for sale in the state of California.

This major milestone in the regulatory approval process was achieved by the determined work of Chairiot VP Chuck Kondrack, assisted by Technical Director Ruben Fernandez.

Chairiot Mobility deeply appreciates the assistance it received from CARB staff on its application, especially Air Pollution Specialist Shobna Sahini. Vehicle testing was conducted by ATDS Inc. in Ontario (CA).

New Pride Mobility "Sport Rider"

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Check out the new Pride Moobility "Sport Rider"!  A Motorcycle inspired scooter!


Chairiot Wheelchair Car

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SideView ReganSMPeople who are physically disabled now have a solution that is not only environmentally friendly, but can enable wheelchair users to move about freely, confidently, and become non-reliant on others for transportation.

This is achieved by production of an electric vehicle specifically for wheelchair users called the Chairiot Solo.

This vehicle has a range of 50 miles on a single charge and can be charged from a 110v outlet in 6-8 hours. With a top speed of 25 miles per hour (35 mph in some states and local jurisdictions), it can easily get users to their destination as needed. The top speed actually exceeds the average speed in urban areas in the US, which is 24 mph.

The vehicle meets US DOT safety standards as a low-speed vehicle under FMVSS 571.500.

From rolling in to driving off takes 40 seconds or less by an electronically operated rear hatch via a wireless key fob and a ramp that automatically adjusts for the ground or a curb exit.

Upon rolling in, the wheelchair is than locked in place by a special bracket for the wheelchair and rugged floor docks. The driver is secured by a 3-Point seat belt.

The vehicle has lots to offer in its standard equipment like:

Power operated windows and mirrors.
Complete lighting package for nighttime use.
High quality stereo system that can connect via USB.Chairiot-blue-s
The Chariot Solo made its very first debut at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo and the reactions were very positive.


Click Here to Learn more about the Wheelchair Car!

Medicine on Time

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Medicine on time

Medicine on time pharmacy

Medicine-On-Time is an innovative personal prescription system that takes the daily hassle out of taking medicine. No more juggling pill bottles. No more guesswork about dosages and times. With Medicine-On-Time, you may never miss a dose of medicine again.

It's a Pill Cup. Expertly prepared by your pharmacist, each personal pill cup contains the exact pills you need to take—and each cup is labeled with the precise time to take them. Medicine-On-Time puts the right dose, right at your fingertips.

It's a Calendar. Your personal pill cups come perfectly organized in color-coded calendar cards. It's a familiar and easy-to-follow system for keeping track of your medications. Remove a single dose—or several—for total convenience when you're on the go.

It's a Reminder. Medicine-On-Time will send a discreet text message to your mobile phone when it's time to take your medication. And, every text message provides specific instructions, so you'll never forget exactly what to do—and precisely when to do it.

Medicine-On-Time is Refill Management. No more racing to the pharmacy. No more waiting in line at the prescription counter. Your Medicine-On-Time pharmacist will synchronize your refills, and prepare your next package well in advance of running out. So relax. Medicine-On-Time is how to take it easy. Want to find a Medicine-On-Time pharmacy in your area? Click here. Your pharmacist doesn't offer Medicine-On-Time? Just click here to download a letter explaining the benefits of our exclusive medication management technology. Then, print it out and drop it off next time you're at your neighborhood pharmacy. It's easy, and your pharmacist will thank you!

Call 402-895-6812 To find out more about Kohll's Medicine-On-Time Program

Or for a FREE Trial click HERE

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Kohll's Travel Vaccinations!

Going out of the country? Get vaccinated today!
Call 402-393-1404 or click HERE for more information