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Ceiling Track Lifts

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Having difficulty moving within your home? Change your home without changing your life! Many people may need their homes modified in order to accommodate independence, one way to do this is by installing a free-standing or ceiling mounted track lift system in your home.

About the Ceiling Track Lifts Kohlls Installs and Services

Kohll's provides and installs BHM Medical Ceiling lifts, which are the ideal solution to assist in lifting and transferring a patient with mobility challenges and where space is limited.
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Key benefits of ceiling lifts include: being safe and easy to use, less space required than floor lifts, always available for use, and less obtrusive for patient.

BHM Medical fixed ceiling lifts are permanently installed on the rail or system of rails. They also have an optional return to charge, lateral adjustable speed and height of carry bar features.

BHM Medical portable lifts can be transferred when needed from one rail or system of rails to another. They are perfect for a temporary and portable installation.

voyager_readyThe Voyager Duo - Fixed Ceiling Lift (by BHM)
The Voyager Duo is a fixed ceiling lift which enables the caregiver to perform safe lifting with less efforts during the transfers of patient with reduce mobility.

The Voyager Duo has a lifting capacity of 220lb (100kg) and offers an option to change the initial lifting capacity to a higher capacity of 440lb (200kg). Therefore, the Voyager Duo can adapt to the various care requirements either at home or in retirement homes. BHM Medical has implemented a new track installation method certified at 265lb (120kg) anchoring directly to the wood structure (2x4) of the ceiling.

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v4_readyV4 - Fixed Ceiling Lift (by BHM)
The V4 is the ideal solution to assist in lifting and transferring patients challenged by a mobility impairment. As a caregiver you face numerous challenges throughout the day. Safely lifting and transferring patients shouldn't be a strain on your back.

With help from BHM's V4 fixed ceiling lift, the most technologically advanced lift on the market, you will perform safely and effortlessly transfers of patients from a chair to the bed, the bed to a chair, into the bathtub or to the toilet. Powered by a high capacity rechargeable battery pack, the V4 does all the work. Using our optional return to charge feature the V4 will recharge the batteries and be ready for the next transfer assist. The V4 is available in 2 weight capacities : V4 - 440 lbs / 200 kg or V4i - 600 lbs / 272 kg

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voyage_port_readyVoyager Portable Lift (by BHM)

At 12lb/(5.45kg) the Voyager portable track lift is the lightest lift in the market.

Not only it is easy to carry and store, but with a lifting capacity of 440lb /(200kg) it's in a class of its own. The 24-volt battery pack can be recharged in less than 2 hours.

It comes with a unique feature called the "Quick Releaser". Combine with our reacher it becomes a user-friendly option which swiftly disengages the strap for easy, safe and quick suspension and removal of the lift.

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