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MaxAbility Team

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Meet MaxAbility Team. Meet Freedom. And meet YOUR needs. MaxAbility Team at Snyder Charleson Therapy Services offers you three levels of service ranging from: 1) Comprehensive home safety assessments including skilled evaluation of the environment and recommendations from an occupational therapist, physical therapist and/or speech therapist; 2) Implementation of recommendations and/or preferences for home modifications including, but not limited to grab bars, ramps, and door widening with use of collaboration between skilled therapists AND Kohll's building specialists; 3) Consultations regarding home safety design only (for architects, project managers or professional organizations).  *MaxAbility Team partners with Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare to offer more comprehensive services, equipment, and installation options. Come and experience the new Home Modification showroom now available at Kohll’s 125th and Q Street location.


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