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Pharmacy Benefit Manager

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Benefits of Kohll's PBM

The employer should not and will not pay the difference (the spread) if Kohll's is chosen as your PBM.

Kohll's reimbursements to the pharmacy are completely transparent to show that there is no indiscretion.

Any savings Kohll's encounters will be passed along to the employer or benefit group.

Therapeutic Alternative Prescription Savings (TAPS) is a program exclusive to Kohll's: It allows patients the choice of saving money by using a therapeutic alternative including: using generics, ½ tablets, or other equivalent therapeutic options.

Pitfalls Your Company may be Experiencing with Your Current PBM
Employers need to be aware that some PBMs are making large amounts of money through the billing process.

Often PBMs will not show the insurance company or employer what they negotiated with the pharmacies for prescription reimbursement.

The reimbursement negotiated is often significantly less than what the employer is billed.

The difference, called the spread is often a large sum that the PBM pockets.